Day 1: Start

Today is the start of my 40 days.

my goals for this are:

1. Improve self-esteem

2. Start to let go of past

3. Read half of the Bible (New testament)


This blog is to write about what I do during the days, that are not written in the daily reflection. Like what I watched, did, played and etc.

I got up around 11 AM but just stay in my bed till 12 pm arrived, so I could pray for 5 minutes. I sorta have difficulty praying for 5 minutes because I’m at a loss for words. I had to dispose of some rats that the stray cats had half-eatened.  Got a haircut, I felt I should get one to start the 40 day’s, I also was fresh off a haircut when I was evangelized by Alma and Karen. Then I went to the Bronx Immanuel Church.

I did the one on one Bible study with Alma and then MONDAY NIGHT FELLOWSHIP with the other members. It was a nice time. I talked to Karen about my Ipod and she asked me if I had any praise music, I said no and she said I should put some in. I’ll put some in during this week. The only songs that have to do with God, that I know of, in the Ipod are Stairway to Heaven and Made in Heaven.

I then went home to eat some delicious Pollo Campero. It was good but not as good as the Pollo campero from El Salvador. Then I went on to watch Monday Night Raw,  something I do every monday, because I’m a wrestling fan. I was a very odd episode and didn’t think it was great, just weird. Luckily New Japan Pro Wrestling, is having the G1 Climax around this time, and it has been amazing. I don’t understand the commentary and promos, except for the Wrestlers that speak English, but NJPW is on top of their game. I wish I could watch the Internet Pay Per views, but their usually around 5 AM and I don’t want to come to the church on no sleep.  Good thing someone uploads the show for me to watch, but with the 40 day’s schedule I might not have a chance to watch all of it this week until Saturday.

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the 40 Day’s, a lot of stuff to do. Bible study at 3 , evangelizing at 4, and then going downtown for 6:30 bible study.  It’s going to be lots of fun. I am worried that I will run out of funds for the metrocard, hopefully I can get some money to keep going downtown.

Day 1 END



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