Day 3: Back to Back

Today started out with prayer, the I went on doing some stuff until church. I made the smart decision in making a sandwich for the day ahead.

First bible study was about Romans 3, then as soon as I finished my reflection, the next bible study had begun. The second one was an audio message, featuring Pastor Anna, about John 8. It was kind of weird but I adjusted to it quickly. Then their was an hour long wait until the service. I ate a sandwich then read some of Matthew, for the goal. I never knew that Jesus was in Egypt, learn new something new everyday. Karen came with a watermelon, apparently she came late, and she shared it with us. It was good, and I continued reading Matthew, until service. The YEF Trio arrived and not much conversation aside from a hi . I don’t think I even said a word to Dorothy. Wednesday service was about how only our spirit can enter the Kingdom of heaven. I also didn’t plug the blog. I should reveal it after Sunday service, since people stick around after and it’s early. I then went home.

I typed up the daily reflection before the deadline, good job me. Had some food and watched an episode of Three Kingdoms (2010). I have watched about 75 episodes of it, I really enjoy it, each episode is about 45 minutes and in Chinese, I watch it with English subtitles. I didn’t watch any wrestling today, I am not looking forward to Impact tomorrow, but I’ll watch it out of habit. Last weeks episode ended with Tito Ortiz standing  on the ramp for two minutes and everyone else just reacting to him, it was really bad. Goto and Tenzan are out of the G1 climax due to injury, Goto was one of my picks to win it. I hope it’s not a severe injury.

In a Medieval 2: Total War Sicily update! I conquered a rebel castle. These rebel armies have crusader knights and feudal knights. Why do the rebels around Greece have way better troops than me, and they have a full army! It’s gonna be tough to beat them. I am also conquering Moor territory, some of the cities and castles don’t have many troops so they are going to be easy to conquer.

I’m not sure if I should show this blog to people from the church, because it’s mostly going to be about stuff that has nothing to do with church. But then what is the point of making this, if I’m not going to show anybody? I will probably show it to Andy first and get his opinion on it.  It has only been 3 days, it feels that a longer time has passed. This is going to be a real test of endurance for me.

Day 3 END



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