Day 4: Headache

Started the day with a prayer, then did daily stuff till church.

On the way to church this weird headache arose. It only affected the right side of my head.  It was really difficult to get through to first bible study, Alma noticed but I think she half-believed me. No evangelism because of the rain, so another audio message of Pastor Anna, headache was not as frequent, the 2nd study helped me with my worries of money for the metro card, worrying for metrocard funds to go to a bbs is a funny oxymoron to me. Then I went to OU, unplanned, I didn’t bring food, so I only ate some bread and soup Karen got. Three Bible studies this day, IRONMAN run. Pastor Anna is really excited that I know spanish cause the church doesn’t have a lot of spanish speakers in New York. Talked about El Salvador, then she gave everyone an assignment, which I really don’t feel like doing, but I’ll try.

On the way to OU I talked to Karen about this blog, she said that I should just keep it personal. After giving it some thought, I probably will keep this blog to myself for record.

I went home, but I apparently worried my parents because I didn’t specify I was coming home from downtown, I felt bad. Watched Impact, mostly as background noise. I don’t really care for most of Impact aside from a few segments like the formation of Roode, Daniels, Kazarian stable.

Medieval 2: Total War update! Expanding to Moorish and Fatmid territories, its been a slow burn campaign. Also this is a Late Era campaign.

Day 4 END