Day 9: Pinched

Tueday, regular start.

Went to to church ended up coming 20 minutes earlier. Saw Steven for the first time since I saw him at service during my start at the church. Steven is now Mark. Bible study with Alma and Karen. Was about being patient with God, because patience is love. Went evangelizing with Mark, it was alright, Steven is very forward with his love of God, I can’t be that way. I evangelized a man I will call R, was pretty weird, especially the tone he used when telling me he will see me later. I became really uncomfortable after that. Didn’t really evangelize a lot. I still feel like a hypocrite doing it. Got a couple of contacts, J from another church said he will help us get more English speaking people, since his church is only preaches in Spanish. Went back to church. I then went home because I didn’t have money to go to OU. Everyone was sad, it’s heartbreaking, but what am I going to do? I have no means of making money.


At home, I played Fire Pro Wrestling Returns with my brother, we got it yesterday. It’s a really fun game, I have to learn how to reverse and get offense in better, so I don’t end up losing most of the matches.

Medieval 2: Total War Sicily update! I’ve made a huge mistake, my armies are scattered around Europe and don’t support each other well. I’m going to have to abandon this. I was doing good till this happened.

Day 9 END


Day 8: Checkpoint

Day started with usual then Church.

Only one Bible study and no YEF, because Alma was not feeling well. I didn’t really mind. Day 8 of the 40 days, it’s a checkpoint.

At home, relaxed and then watched RAW. RAW was great, the Bryan/Cena promo was top notch till HHH and Orton came out for no real reason. Christian video package was not expected, but it was really heartwarming. I’m a big fan of Christian, I wished he would get better reactions from people though. Brock and Punk ended the show with Punk standing tall. Good RAW

Day 8 END

Day 7: Service

Early morning for me, 12 pm prayer hit when I was half-dressed. Then went to church.

Sunday Service went well. Amanda did it, is was about being persistent about praying. Even if God does not answer immediately, he will answer when the time is right. Talked to everyone about the message and 40 days. Everyone is rooting for me, feels nice. Went shopping with Andy too. Andy is probably my best bud in the church. Everyone is nice.

Went home, wrote reflection. Total Divas continues to be the biggest work I have seen. Breaking Bad is back and it’s BACK. It’s really good.

Day 7 END





Day 6: Laundry

Prayed in the morning.

I did laundry for most of the day, also just hanging out with my brothers.  Just a relaxing day, no church.

Then the G1 Climax Final. Yano Toru upset Suzuki. Benjamin won a great match with Nakamura. Devitt brought a monkey mask with him and punched some fans who tried to steal it. Tanahashi and Naito advance to the Finals. Anderson had a great match with Naito, but it was kinda bad how Naito kicked out of a SUPER STUN GUN and a BERNARD DRIVER. Naito won the whole thing, not my pick, but it was a good choice. He needs that to get back into the spot he was before injury. Ended going to sleep at about 5 AM.

Day 6 END